Single Screen Life: Should You Use Your Television as a Computer Monitor?

tvWhy should you bother using your television as your computer monitor? Using one tool for dual purposes makes sense. There already are a number of people that use their TV screens not just a TV screen, but also as a monitor.

This technology could be used better if you get a satellite package for movies. If you chose to go the satellite packages route, you can get exclusive offers for new customers. So, why should you jump the bandwagon and stick to one device? Let’s find out.

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Partition Master Free 10.8

Easeus Partition MasterEaseUS, the company behind many great data recovery, partition and backup & restore utilities, has just released the new version of their free partition manager – Partition Master Free v10.8.

Partition Master Free is used by over 30 million users worldwide and is one of the best partitioning tools on the market, allowing you to create, delete, resize or move, merge, split, wipe or format partitions. It was awarded Five stars by CNET Editors and praised by many other Review companies, such as PC World and Softpedia. I have even tested it myself and found it extremely useful and easy to use.

The new version includes several improvements and additional functionalities. Besides some bug fixes, the main feature of Partition Master Free is the added compatibility for Windows 10. Windows 10 disk management ability will come in handy especially when you have to deal with low disk space after upgrading to the new Windows system. An additional feature is the conversion of system disk from MBR to GPT – but this is only available in commercial edition.

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How Taking Data Backup is Helpful Before Partitioning the Mac Hard Drive

Image for blog postWhy bother creating partitions on Mac hard drive? Actually, partitions assist in managing stored data in an efficient manner. With more partitions users can install multiple operating systems on a single hard drive. You can get both 10.9 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite back-to-back on a single Machine. Imagine that!! There are more benefits of creating partitions, like optimizing free spaces so that Mac runs smoother.

In order to create, modify or remove existing partitions out of Macintosh HD, user needs to navigate to an inbuilt application called Disk Utility app. This is available with all Mac systems. This free app includes all the required modules to modify partition tables of a Mac drive with ease.

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How To Access Your Security System Remotely

security camIf you have security system that you can vie remotely, it can be reassuring to check in from time to time.  It is well worth the extra money it will take to purchase one of these systems for your peace of mind. Being able to view things remotely will make you feel safer. There are numerous security apps and tools available now, so all this has become much easier.  Here is how you access your security system remotely.

Once you have made the investment, it may be necessary to set it up with your home network.  You also will need to download an app if you plan to use an iPad, iPhone, or Android device to remotely monitor your home.

You can remotely view your security cameras using Google, Internet Explorer, or another browser on a desktop computer, or via your smartphone.  Here is how it works in general.  Launch your security system software.  You will need to click on a CONFIGURE button on the main console.  From there you can start the live and playback services.

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Why You Need iPhone Tracker Like These 2 iPhone Users?

smartphone lostHaving your phone stolen isn’t a good experience to say the least. You lose important data, your contacts, and messages. But you know what? 23% percent of us have been through this in the past year. And, out of the total phones that were stolen, 50% were iPhones. The good news is, this has become a situation in which the digital age proverb “there’s an app for that” fits quite well.

I’m always talking to you guys about how you can use technology smartly to solve your everyday life matters. Today, I’m going to tell you the story of 2 people who are doing just that.

Sarah Maguire Confronts Thief

The first story is of a 26-year-old yoga instructor woke up to find that her phone was missing. She checked in with her roommate. Hers was missing too.
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