Be the first to test Bitdefender 2016 Beta

beta2015 is almost half gone and it’s time for all security software companies to start testing and rolling out new products for the new year. Bitdefender is no different. The company is bringing out a new version of its flagship security product Bitdefender Antivirus, one of the most efficient and reliable antivirus programs. I have used Bitdefender myself for some time before trying out other antivirus products, and I was always very satisfied with its performance. It is constantly ranked at the top of lists of best antivirus and firewall programs.

At the end of the month, Bitdefender Antivirus is releasing Bitdefender 2016 Beta home edition. If you want to be one of the first people to download and test the new software, go to and add your email address to the waiting list. Once Bitdefender Beta is released, you’ll be among the first people to download and play around with the brand new version. If you have a blog and you feel like writing about it, even better – test the software and publish the results along with your feedback on your website.

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Todo Backup Free by EaseUS

todo backup freeAs someone who doesn’t like spending money on software unless I really have to, I’m always on the hunt for free programs that can help protect my computer. Ever since I started using the Internet I’ve had the most essential protection software, and I rarely paid any money for it. The top three are antivirus and antispyware programs and firewalls.

Other programs that I use to protect my computer, and specifically my important personal files are data recovery and backup programs. With all the viruses spreading around and hackers lurking online, looking to steal or destroy your personal data, we should remind ourselves of the need to protect and back up our important files.

EaseUS has the perfect free solution that will suit your needs: Todo Backup, one of the best backup software, which lets you keep copies of your important files in a secure location. It can back up your entire operating system, files, applications and settings, it can create bootable copies of your system drive, it supports disk cloning and it offers easy disaster recovery options.

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A Sneak Peek at the World’s Deadliest Computer Viruses

virusComputer viruses are not unusual or a new concept. They’ve been troubling the tech-savvy population of the world for many years and will probably do so for many years to come. From jamming an application to rendering a computer inoperable, everything is possible for a computer virus.

And just as the sophistication of anti-virus programs is increasing, the complexity and innovation in viruses is also on the rise. There are thousands of people around the world with the spark and craziness to create something which can challenge modern technology at its core. It is such people, rather hackers, who have and continue to give rise to some of the deadliest computer viruses of all time.

We’re not lauding their efforts, but it’s probably because of such hackers that today’s anti-virus programs have gained the niche that they have. Also, the spread of a virus is often the reason that major loopholes in popular applications can be found. And as such, a computer virus which is a threat to security is often the trigger for the invention of better security measures in applications.

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The Most Innovative Security Products of 2015 So Far

lock2015 looks to be a banner year for security advances. Technologies that have driven other sectors – such as the recent popularization of smart homes – are finally beginning to make themselves known in a big way for security buffs.

So, let’s talk new products. We’ve already seen one of the year’s biggest unveilings of new security items at the 2015 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a huge, yearly Vegas conference that showcases everything from new smart locks to upgraded drones.

Expecting traditional security suites? Not quite what we’re talking about ( if you actually are interested).

Besides, entrepreneurs are always pitching new objects up for attention. Here’s a short list of some of the most interesting products we’ve seen to date.

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Best TV providers for mobile streaming

dreamtimeThe world is gradually changing thanks to more technology that has made life easier for us. Now we do not have to sit in front of our television sets in order to watch our favorite shows as we have the ease to stream things live on our mobile devices. There are several providers offering streaming services and the biggest issue is the selection of the right service.

In this article I will be comparing the various mobile streaming apps that a range of different TV providers have to offer and evaluate which one gives the best mobile viewing and streaming experience.


Probably the most popular and best TV service provider for mobile streaming has to be Netflix. Unlike other mobile streaming services, Netflix is not only affordably priced but also has a great selection of movies and TV shows as well as a range of different services available to everyone. Netflix also allows people to watch videos on demand at anytime, anywhere from any compatible device using the app.

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