Don’t Break These Cardinal Rules of Facebook

FacebookForBusinessDo you have a Facebook page for your business? Chances are that you do. You may be making these common Facebook faux pas, though.

1. Insisting that other people “like” your page

It’s find to send someone a message to say that you like what their brand is about and you’d love for them to check out your page, too. However, if the message is more abrasive, along the lines of, “I’ve liked your page, now it’s your turn!” or even more straightforward, odds are that that person will definitely not look at your page at all.

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5 tips to speed up Mac OS X Yosemite

imagesEvery version of OS X is popular for its high speed and customized features, and make Mac one of the most popular computers all across the world. Recently, OS X has released its latest update ‘Yosemite’ that runs great on all latest Macs. However, the users who have updated it on some older models have to face performance issues repeatedly. There could be a variety of issues, which might affect the performance of the updated Mac, and most of them can easily be resolved with little effort.

In case you are also facing the same issue after updating Yosemite, then follow the below mentioned instructions to troubleshoot the most possible causes of a slow Mac and increase its speed as expected.

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What is a VPN and Why Do I Need One?

VPNA VPN or Virtual Private Network is a program used to apply extra security and added privacy to your public network connections. Even though most VPN software is used by large corporations to protect their sensitive information, it can be used by the general public when attempting to look at private or personal data. Today we will talk about the beneficial properties of having a secure connection.

Identity Theft

The possibility of having your identity stolen in today’s society is more common than you think. Technology is becoming increasingly more popular, and with that in mind, it is also easier to use. What this ends up doing is creating a source for common hackers and low tier frauds.

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Top 5 Latest Laptops with Mini Reviews

With hundreds of manufacturers now stepping in the ring and competing for best laptop, it becomes hard for a consumer to find the right deal. There are restrictions like specs, money, usage and others that drive the consumers. But to ease up things a bit, here are some of the best gadgets to look for.


macbook pro retinaApple being the innovator in technology offers one of the best laptops. MacBook is without a shadow of doubt, leading laptop in the market. It is equipped with super specs like 8 to 16 GB of ram, IPS-Retina Display, maximum of a mammoth 512 GB hard disk, a blazing Quad Core 2.3Ghz processor to make your system perform lightning fast. With this laptop you can access more than 1000’s of apps through apple store.

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Smartphone Designs – Surprise Me!

Samsung-GS6MWC 2015 brought some great mobiles to the surface. Revelation of phones like Samsung’s S6 and S6 edge and Microsoft’s Mid-range 1022 were positively received by most and I too felt the same. But that event left me thinking, ‘at the end of the day, it’s just a flat, rectangular phone with minimum buttons and a big screen, isn’t it?’ S6 removed some of the key features that were incorporated last time, like removable batteries and expanded storage. The removal of these features made flagship series more stereotypical. But it’s not just Samsung Mobile – more or less every manufacturer seems to be heading the same way with their ‘unique’ design. Plastic or metal body, 4” or 5” screen, black or white, the bottom line design is still the same.

All this I believe is due to three reasons, meeting expectations, decreasing the risk and saving more money.

Customer Expectations

People buy smartphones not to sell them the next month. They want their pricy set to last at least a year. Also, not everyone has tendency to take risks. Another thing is that lower margins give manufacturers less room to work with something new. All of these factors combined sort of compel the manufacturers to stick to the basics.

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