Free Adware Removal Application for Macs

adwareAdware are also called Ad-injection software, which support advertising and can come from multiple download sites. These are the system hijackers and unwanted programs that may infect your Apple Mac OS X operating system. Adware is customized on free-to-download programs, which you install from websites, after which you might see pop-up windows, ads, and graphics while accessing the Internet. In case you have selected ‘Block pop-up windows’ in your browser preferences, these programs might also change your homepage as well as preferred search engine.

Basically, Adware is a type of infection that is designed to make money or to infect and hack the Mac system.

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5 Ways to Prevent a Computer Virus

email-virNo one wants a virus or malware to obstruct the functionality of their computer, but the increasing use of the internet and email has increased the risk of virus attacks. A virus can not only corrupt your data but can also wreak havoc on your hard disk and operating system. A virus or malware attack on your computer can destroy all of your memorable images and other important information within a few seconds. For this reason, it is better to take some precautionary measures to prevent a virus or malware attack on your computer. Let’s look at a few tips on how you can avoid a virus.

Open Emails, Even Coming From Friends, Carefully

A virus attack on your computer can be avoided by scanning each and every email attachment before opening them even if your friends have sent them. Often times when a virus travels by email, it comes in attachment form, especially video files. If the scan has any suspicion about the attachment, then you should avoid opening that attachment.

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How to Use a DVI Splitter?

DVI Splitter- KVMA DVI splitter is used to display the same output from a DVI to go to two or more separate displays. In some video cards, such as the more modern ATI and to some extent the NVidia cards, there are already multiple DVI outputs for use with multi-monitor usage. However, for those of us with a single DVI output port, we have to invest in a DVI splitter to get the full functionality out of it.

The downside of the DVI splitter is that it doesn’t allow you to spread your desktop across multiple monitors, it simply copies the output from your original display so it can show on a separate display. It is here the video card support for hardware DVI ports trumps the DVI video splitter. It is still a very useful piece of hardware, especially for demonstrative purposes and you can always order high quality DVI Splitters online. Read the rest

Retrospective: 30 Best Android Apps of 2014

samsung_galaxy_sThe year 2014 was a great year for App enthusiasts. Android users certainly had a wide variety of great apps to download that made life easier, and more fun. There was something for everybody whether their passions were music, sports, fitness, film, games, or personal enrichment.

Here is a list of thirty of the best Android apps of 2014.

1. Firechat – A texting app that works even when the internet is down.
2. Seven Minute Super Hero Workout – Beat up aliens and burn calories at the same time
3. Coursera – Take a class, or download a lecture from one of 600 prestigious universities for free.
4. Tynker – An online ‘sandbox’ for future coders that includes challenging games.
5. Madefire – Digitally formatted comics from the best publishing houses including DC Comics.
6. Disney Movies Anywhere – Watch Disney and Pixar movies from Android no matter where it was downloaded from.
7. Minuum – This keyboard app makes one hand typing a breeze and is great with wearable technology.
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Create Mac Backup with Data Recovery utility

mac data recoveryWhen data is stored on a computer, you think it is safe from all types of threats. However, you cannot even imagine how unsafe your data is, even if it is saved on a Mac computer – one of the most secure computers. In fact, you cannot be at ease about security of your data unless some security measures are implemented. How about taking backup of the data? Well, data backup is a great way to keep all data protected though; however, only if the backup technique you implemented is reliable.

The simple and the so-called reliable way to back up all the crucial files is to copy them on an external drive in order to keep them safer. In case the original files are lost or a data disaster ruins them, you ultimately have their backup copies.

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