Retrospective: 30 Best Android Apps of 2014

samsung_galaxy_sThe year 2014 was a great year for App enthusiasts. Android users certainly had a wide variety of great apps to download that made life easier, and more fun. There was something for everybody whether their passions were music, sports, fitness, film, games, or personal enrichment.

Here is a list of thirty of the best Android apps of 2014.

1. Firechat – A texting app that works even when the internet is down.
2. Seven Minute Super Hero Workout – Beat up aliens and burn calories at the same time
3. Coursera – Take a class, or download a lecture from one of 600 prestigious universities for free.
4. Tynker – An online ‘sandbox’ for future coders that includes challenging games.
5. Madefire – Digitally formatted comics from the best publishing houses including DC Comics.
6. Disney Movies Anywhere – Watch Disney and Pixar movies from Android no matter where it was downloaded from.
7. Minuum – This keyboard app makes one hand typing a breeze and is great with wearable technology.
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Create Mac Backup with Data Recovery utility

mac data recoveryWhen data is stored on a computer, you think it is safe from all types of threats. However, you cannot even imagine how unsafe your data is, even if it is saved on a Mac computer – one of the most secure computers. In fact, you cannot be at ease about security of your data unless some security measures are implemented. How about taking backup of the data? Well, data backup is a great way to keep all data protected though; however, only if the backup technique you implemented is reliable.

The simple and the so-called reliable way to back up all the crucial files is to copy them on an external drive in order to keep them safer. In case the original files are lost or a data disaster ruins them, you ultimately have their backup copies.

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Get the Cool and Snazzy iWatch

Snazzy iWatchiWatch like many smartwatches has been designed as an appendage to your iPhone. It is meant to be connected while wearing it for majority of features but still performs certain actions when disconnected. The watch comprises of small touch display of bright color and scroll-wheel digital crown and a button on side as an extra feature.

The iWatch is equipped with gyro and accelerometer and may piggyback off Wi-Fi and GPS on the phone and runs on brand new S1 processor. The watch offers very accurate and synchronized time to minus or plus 50 milliseconds and can take the dictation. It comprises of a “Tapic” haptic processor offering subtle vibration feedback for the notifications, other messages and also alarms As in the case of iPhone 6, the iWatch also has NFC which will enable Apple Pay payments and assist it in acting as door opening key at the hotels. Charging the iWatch is easy as it can be charged via a clever combination of the magnets and inductive charging. Amazon India has some amazing deals on iWatch that get you good savings.

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Top Tips for Creating Better Website Content

building websitesSo, you’ve got your new website all designed and it’s looking incredible. The layout is smooth and sleek, the colour scheme perfectly reflects your brand and the whole thing catches the eye in a way that is sure to impress your visitors.

A wise man once said that ‘Design in the absence of content is not design, but decoration’. In other words, no matter how good your site looks, it won’t produce the kind of results you need until you combine that design with well-written content, attractive images and other media that will not only lure in those visitors to your site, but compel them to take action when they get there, and keep them coming back for more.

The good news is that adding content to your site isn’t all that hard. If you’re using a website builder, it’s simply a case of dragging and dropping your words, pictures and media into place. If you’ve built your site using a Content Management System (CMS), it takes little more effort than clicking a few buttons, pasting and uploading.

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How to Check Mac Disk Drive Health Accurately

drive-monitorIt is always a good practice to check your Mac status on a regular basis. Time to time information about the Mac status and its performance helps in analyzing the health of the Mac system. This helps in keeping the system optimized at any time as well as in avoiding any future issues.

Although Mac machines do not fail often, any mishandling or improper use of the machine can lead to various performance related issues. A user might experience slow system start-up, heating, and bad sectors on the hard drive due to lack of proper maintenance and care. However, Mac system comes with many Mac disk check tools to ensure optimal performance at all times. A Mac user can make use of such tools for optimizing Mac performance, checking Mac drive health, drive partitioning, cloning, and more.

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