How to Wipe Away Sensitive Files from Mac OS X

stellar-wipe-mac_148958Mac OS X has been designed with advanced features and technologies to constantly monitor and update your Mac. However, with the free availability of an OS X Mavericks upgrade, security has become a challenge. With organizations which use Mac for running their business, security is an ever-increasing concern. Issues like virus attacks, unauthorized access, and mishandling of such devices cause some serious concern. In addition, issues like stolen systems could prove to be a nightmare if the system contains some confidential data.

In such a situation it becomes very important to ensure data safety. You can avoid such security threats by securely erasing files from Mac that contains confidential or sensitive information. For example, you can securely delete any unused financial or medical information from a system. In addition, you can discard or delete data that are no longer required from any of the external or portable drive. 

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When File Sharing Services Upgrade to Cloud Storages

FSSYears ago advanced Internet users could not imagine their work with files and media without the so-called file hosting services. And the latter could be marked amongst the must-have tools of every self-respecting net surfer. Though, the idea of constant progress in technology is commonly recognized, which is why gradual shifts are a matter of far shorter terms than it was decades ago. In this context, file hosting services have lost their value as the only tools to exchange links and data, and, in particular, the appearance of cloud storage providers has contributed to this trend.

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Backup and Restore SQL Server Database Remotely with Free Utility

SQLBakRunning SQL Server database smoothly is always challenging for clients and database administrators. What can you do if the corruption arises or the whole company database is down? Well, we came across an extremely useful utility that brings your corrupt or inaccessible database back to life in a short amount of time.

Using SQLBak, anyone can backup, monitor and restore SQL server database remotely using the portable devices with browsing capability. So you could easily restore corrupt or damaged database on the go or when travelling abroad. This tool is capable of backing up SQL database as well as allowing users to run scheduled backup at a convenient date and time.

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Call Me a Dinosaur!

touchpcPC technology is truly amazing.  Apple has just released its watch computer with virtually every app you might want, and others that you may download.  Everyone has a tablet and is coveting an iPhone 6, in order to be fully “computerized” wherever s/he may be on the planet.  We can draw, paint, develop a graph or chart in a minute, and have complex statistical formulas spit out data and analysis within seconds.  Voice commands allow disabled individuals to write and email, and Siri is an amazing personal assistant.

I love the new technology and have participated in it almost as rapidly as it has become available.  I have read and viewed amazing text and videos about technology of the future and am an avid follower of all technology “shows” that present the newest innovations.  It’s exciting!

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How to Organize Mac Files & Folders in the Best Possible Way

smartfinderMac provides one of the best interfaces and features to organize files and folders. There are different versions of Mac, each providing a unique way of keeping and managing data. With the latest OS X Mavericks, you can perform all the features provided by earlier versions. However, OS X Mavericks has its own set of abilities to organize files and folders.

OS X Mavericks comes with an integrated tagging feature within the operating system. The Finder option in Mac OS X Mavericks contains the tagging feature. The tagging abilities can be used either from the Save panels within the system or from the iCloud file browser as well. Such a feature greatly helps in performing various file management activities like sorting, searching, viewing, and tagging etc. Thus, it makes the management task much easier.

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