Call Me a Dinosaur!

touchpcPC technology is truly amazing.  Apple has just released its watch computer with virtually every app you might want, and others that you may download.  Everyone has a tablet and is coveting an iPhone 6, in order to be fully “computerized” wherever s/he may be on the planet.  We can draw, paint, develop a graph or chart in a minute, and have complex statistical formulas spit out data and analysis within seconds.  Voice commands allow disabled individuals to write and email, and Siri is an amazing personal assistant.

I love the new technology and have participated in it almost as rapidly as it has become available.  I have read and viewed amazing text and videos about technology of the future and am an avid follower of all technology “shows” that present the newest innovations.  It’s exciting!

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How to Organize Mac Files & Folders in the Best Possible Way

smartfinderMac provides one of the best interfaces and features to organize files and folders. There are different versions of Mac, each providing a unique way of keeping and managing data. With the latest OS X Mavericks, you can perform all the features provided by earlier versions. However, OS X Mavericks has its own set of abilities to organize files and folders.

OS X Mavericks comes with an integrated tagging feature within the operating system. The Finder option in Mac OS X Mavericks contains the tagging feature. The tagging abilities can be used either from the Save panels within the system or from the iCloud file browser as well. Such a feature greatly helps in performing various file management activities like sorting, searching, viewing, and tagging etc. Thus, it makes the management task much easier.

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Eliminate the Daily Battle Over Chores and Homework with Kudoso Router

KudosoEvery parent “knows the drill” – evenings and weekends spent arguing with kids over room cleaning, grass cutting, music practicing, and school work.  Their pat response to refusals is to impose penalties, with all of the negativity and emotions that they instill.  Stop the battles now with a new and wonderfully innovative rewards structure – the Kudoso Router!

Chances are you have not heard of this little beauty, but it is a unique type of parental control that has nothing to do with parental controls of sites, etc.  This terrific device allows you to assign chores or tasks to your children, with specific point values, and make Internet use dependent upon point accumulation.  You choose the tasks, they complete them, and the reward is given.  Point amounts can translate to specific amounts of time, and, when that time is up, they are cut off until more tasks are completed.

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Extract Emails from the Exchange Server to a PST File using ExMerge utility

extract emailThe Exchange Server has the EDB files to store multiple mailboxes in a multi-user environment. In other words, the implementation of the Exchange Server in an organization creates multiple EDB files, each storing the mailbox of an individual. Thus, the number of EDB files on the MS Exchange Server is subject to the number of users or their corresponding mailbox count.

For the Exchange Server to function smoothly or flawlessly, there should be no violation, error, or a like scenario existing. During the Exchange Server downtime or in a similar scenario when your mailbox is not accessible, you can ask the Exchange Administrator to create a PST file of your mailbox, which you are supposed to import into an Outlook client. However, what if the Exchange EDB files are corrupt? Creating a PST from a corrupt EDB file might not be possible. In such cases, extracting your emails in a PST from the Exchange Server is quite bothersome.

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Cybersecurity: Identifying cyber threats, virus attacks and more on your website

Hacked By pakistani hackersToday, many phases of our life depend on the World Wide Web. We literally cannot function without even checking our email inbox. Our day is incomplete without surfing on social networking websites. Our entertainment source seems a miss if watching movies and listening to songs online is not a part of it.

Moreover, different businesses use numerous different software and portals to record their data, daily reports, tax records, birth and death records, licensing numbers and e-copy, pay checks, and various hospitals use software to store medical records and e-teaching portals use this platform to conduct virtual classrooms, which is quite in trend and preferred by many students in recent times.

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