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IT Jokes – Part 2 »

Just in time for the weekend, I found a nice addition to my Fun with your PC category: some more IT jokes. As you may have noticed, there is plenty of serious business on this blog, so here is something fun for a change. We all need a laugh sometimes! If you missed my earlier […]

Fake a Crash with BSOD Screen Saver »

I haven’t published new articles under the Fun with your PC category for a while, so it’s time to revisit the fun side of PCs (not counting gaming of course). Here is a new prank that you can play on your friends, family or even enemies, provided you can access their PC. It involves installing […]

IT Jokes »

Today is all about fun with computers. Therefore, I have collected a number of IT jokes that I came across recently. Some are great, some just ok. I like the one with the blonde. Enjoy! Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying […]

(Unintentionally) Funny Domain Names »

I just read an article in a newspaper that mentioned some funny domain names on the Internet. Then I remembered – I have heard a fair share of weird and funny Web addresses in my 12 years online (yes, I entered the virtual world in 1998). Some are well known, such as, and others […]

Most Useful Things on the Internet »

Few days ago I was thinking about how we lived our lives before Internet came along and how many changes Internet brought, especially in the last 10 years or so. Do you remember the good old times? We used to go out more and play games there instead on our PCs and game consoles, we […]