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How inbuilt Windows Utilities Can Help You Recover Data from Hard Drives »

For almost all computer users hard drives are the major data storage media, which store all their personal as well as business critical data. Sometimes, with much precious data in it, the hard drive fails and all the data becomes completely inaccessible. The reason behind hard drive failure can be anything from virus attack or […]

Linux Data Recovery Software – What You Need to Know »

No one can deny the fact that Windows is one of the widely used operating systems (OS), but if we talk about data safety and security, then Linux is in the same range and also available for an affordable price. Virus infection and other system threats are common with Windows OS bases systems, but Linux […]

Recovering from Event ID 455 in MS Exchange Server »

MS Exchange Server uses a logging mechanism to record all changes to the Exchange database. These changes are stored in Exchange database transaction logs. If your database becomes corrupt, the transaction logs are used to restore the database to a consistent state. These files ensure a high level of recoverability. When some of these log […]

Free Computer Help by Volunteer Geeks »

Have you ever needed free online computer help but didn’t know where to turn? There is a new site called the Computer Help Chat Room, a non-profit service provided by volunteer technicians and computer experts. Users from around the world join the chat to help each other with problems and questions, and to discuss technology […]

Why You Should Update Your Software »

There are a million reasons to ignore your computers gentle nudges to upgrade your software; and ultimately, none. Consider the following: when you casually tap that ‘ignore’ button, you are saying no to new features that have the potential to make both your personal and business operations infinitely easier. Software upgrades are much like Big […]