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Why Using a Virtual PC isn’t as Hard as You Think »

The reason why you will want to learn how to use Virtual PC is it allows you to run more than a single operating system on a Windows computer. This has many uses, but the most important is it will keep your main OS safe. Here is a step by step guide. Step 1 Download […]

Protect Your Computer – The Best Antivirus Applications »

Installing one of the best antivirus applications is necessary, because viruses are always a threat. If you want to protect your computer and your files, you need to use one of these programs. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 Bitdefender will secure whatever browser you are using, so you are safe when you go shopping or surfing. […]

How to Catch Computer Viruses Fast! »

Computer viruses can do a lot of harm to your computer. Fortunately, you can catch computer viruses before your computer does. Whether you’re checking your email, playing on your gaming laptop, or just surfing the web, you never know when a virus is lurking around the corner. The following are a few ways to keep […]

What Spyware is and Why You Should be Concerned »

Not everyone knows what spyware is, but it is imperative that you know because your personal information may be at risk. These are malicious programs that use your Internet connection to collect information in your computer and send it to another one without your consent. Information at Risk These programs can get your name and […]

Most Dangerous Places Malnet Operators Host Malware »

As malware continues to evolve and becomes more difficult to detect, the best Internet security strategy is to try to avoid it altogether.  In order to do this, it is important to know where malnet operators prefer to host their malware.  There are a variety of different methods they use. However, there are some which […]