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Is A Combined TV & Internet Package Best? »

A growing number of television & Internet providers are doing everything they can to encourage customers to choose a combined TV & Internet package as part of a special bundle deal. However, experts warn that this might not always be the best option for consumers. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of […]

Don’t Break These Cardinal Rules of Facebook »

Do you have a Facebook page for your business? Chances are that you do. You may be making these common Facebook faux pas, though. 1. Insisting that other people “like” your page It’s find to send someone a message to say that you like what their brand is about and you’d love for them to […]

What is a VPN and Why Do I Need One? »

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a program used to apply extra security and added privacy to your public network connections. Even though most VPN software is used by large corporations to protect their sensitive information, it can be used by the general public when attempting to look at private or personal data. Today […]

Top Tips for Creating Better Website Content »

So, you’ve got your new website all designed and it’s looking incredible. The layout is smooth and sleek, the colour scheme perfectly reflects your brand and the whole thing catches the eye in a way that is sure to impress your visitors. A wise man once said that ‘Design in the absence of content is […]

When File Sharing Services Upgrade to Cloud Storage »

Years ago advanced Internet users could not imagine their work with files and media without the so-called file hosting services. And the latter could be marked amongst the must-have tools of every self-respecting net surfer. Though, the idea of constant progress in technology is commonly recognized, which is why gradual shifts are a matter of […]