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Automatic logoff after login in Windows XP Home »

I spent the last weekend trying to solve a problem for a friend. He called me to clean a virus from his PC. I thought this would be a quick and easy job… My antivirus program found several infections and proceeded to remove them, but then the PC suddenly rebooted in the middle of the cleaning […]

Virtual Memory is too low »

Perhaps you have seen this problem while working on your PC: You are surfing the net, writing a document or listening to music when suddenly a new window pops up warning you that your virtual memory is too low. You are asked to close some applications or you won’t be able to continue using your […]

Visual Styles for Windows XP »

Are you tired of the same look of your Windows XP desktop? Do you think Microsoft could have included more than three color schemes in Windows XP? If you ask me – blue, olive green and silver is not enough variety. I wish there were more choices. Fortunately, there are ‘aftermarket’ styles you can download for free or buy […]

Install & Configure Speech Recognition in Windows XP »

I found a great article on how to use speech recognition in Windows XP and Office 2002 and 2003. It is published on and it lists 9 steps on how to configure the program for first use. You’ll need Internet access, speakers and a microphone. Before you visit, you should also take a look at […]

Change Logon Preferences in Windows XP »

Today’s post is about changing the way users log on or off in Windows XP. If you want to get rid of the prompt that requires you to type in your user name and password every time, or if you want to add it for extra security, please follow these steps: Click on the Start Menu […]